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A brief guide to our local weather

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable Namibian adventure, let’s get you acquainted with our unique desert climate. First of all, if you’re from anywhere on the Northern Hemisphere, Namibia’s seasons are the opposite of what you’re used to. When it’s winter in your home country, it’s summer here and vice versa.

Summer vibes

Namibia’s peak summer lasts from ca. November to February and brings warm to hot weather throughout the country. Coastal areas are tempered by the cool Benguela current, providing refreshing breezes, and, at times a mysterious fog. Inland regions, such as the capital city Windhoek, can experience high temperatures, reaching up to 37°C (95°F). The northern parts of Namibia receive the most rainfall during this season and the landscapes transform into lush greenery. But the rain is also something to be aware of as it can turn roads into rivers in a matter of minutes.

Wildebeest in lush nature
Epupa Falls in rainy season
4x4 pickup truck with rooftop tent under rainbow
Water on road in Etosha National Park

Dry winters

Silhouette of a quiver tree infront of milky way at night

Winter in Namibia lasts from June to August. The days are generally sunny and mild, with average temperatures ranging from 18°C to 25°C (64°F to 77°F) in most inland regions. However, as the sun sets, temperatures can drop significantly, sometimes reaching freezing levels, particularly in the desert regions like the Namib Desert or the Kalahari Desert. It is advisable to layer up and snuggle in for a cozy sleep. It’s still a good time to travel as you won’t encounter any rain. Winter nights in the desert will give you a chance to see a dazzling sky full of stars unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

4x4 pickup truck with rooftop tent under milky way at night
Elephants at waterhole near Olifantsrus Etosha National Park

Now you’re ready to conquer Namibia’s weather quirks! By understanding and preparing for the weather conditions, you can fully enjoy your time exploring the remarkable landscapes, encountering diverse wildlife, and immersing yourself in the rich culture of this beautiful country. So pack accordingly, stay warm during the desert nights, and create unforgettable memories in Namibia!