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4x4 pickup trucks in our range of rental cars

Whether you are looking for a sturdy, low cost 4-wheel drive car for your back-to-the-roots camping tour through the wilderness or want a more luxurious ride on your lodge-hopping spree, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your journey in our fleet of cars.

Unlimited kilometres

24hr assistance

0% insurance excess available

Pickup/dropoff whereever you like

Multiple drivers at no extra cost

Free airport transfer

Kalahari Car Hire Namibia icon

Standard 4x4 vehicle accessories

All doublecabs have an airconditioning and a so-called canopy covering the loadbay. Furthermore our 4×4 rental cars are equipped with  2 batteries (extra battery for the fridge).
All vehicles type CLASSIC MANUAL & CLASSIC AUTOMATIC have a 80 liter fuel tank and an additional 60 liter fuel tank (fuel consumption ± 15liter/100km; range ± 900 km). All vehicles types COMFORT & CONNOISSEUR have a single 80l fuel tank – do not have an extra tank (fuel consumption ± 10-12 liter/100km; range ± 800km).

  • 2 spare wheels
  • car jack
  • tools
  • tyre pressure gauge
  • jumper lead
  • towing rope
  • multitester
  • 10/20 liter water tank
  • spade
  • tarpaulin

All our cars are serviced regularly and additionally checked and maintained after each rental return. Nevertheless, in the decades of experience we have built up in this industry and given that most adventurers travel into remote areas where the next service garage is a couple of hundred kilometres away, we equip all our rental cars with a basic set of tools, spare parts and tyre changing gear so that in the event of a break-down you yourself or a helpful passer-by can do basic repairs if necessary.


first aid kit

tyre pump (12V compressor)

Sand Trax rubber mats

roof rack

jerry can

Prices exclude


car damages up to the excess amount.

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