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Roof tent and camping equipment for hire

In order to genuinely unwind and witness the breathtaking starry night skies Namibia has to offer, we suggest you enjoy the outdoors as wholly as possible by going camping. We offer a vast range of camping equipment for rent to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible, from roof tents, tables, chairs, gas cookers, cutlery to table cloths.

4x4 pickup car with open roof top tent and camping table, camping chairs, cooking equipment etc. infront underneath shady trees
Camping car with rooftop tent under milky way

Standard camping equipment available for 1-2 persons from N$ 115 per day or 3-5 persons from N$ 230 per day.
And for those of you who are not camping but still want to enjoy cold beverages enroute feel free to only hire the 40 litre camping fridge/freezer from N$ 69 per day.

Standard camping equipment for 2 persons

1 x roof tent with mattress

Easy-opening (thanks to gas lifts) hardshell roof tent available on request – see details here

1 x empty camping/packing box

2 x camping chairs

1 x camping table

1 x dustpan set

2 x gas bottle with cooker

1 x 20 Litre water can

1 x 40 Litre fridge/freezer (12/220V)

1 x kettle

1 x table cloth

1 x braai/BBQ grid

1 x braai/BBQ tongs

1 x big/BBQ fork

1 x cutting board

1 x salad bowl

1 x strainer

3 x food saving containers with lid

1 x frying pan

3 x pots (3 sizes)

1 x fold-up basin

1 x soup ladle

1 x bread knife

3 x spoons (big, small, wooden)

1 x whisk

1 x egg lifter/spatula

1 x spaghetti spoon

2 x plates (stainless steel)

2 x soup bowls (stainless steel)

2 x coffee mugs (stainless steel)

2 x drinking cups (stainless steel)

2 x forks

2 x knifes

2 x steak knifes

2 x tablespoons

4 x teaspoons

1 x small Victorinox cutting knife

1 x potato peeler

1 x can opener

1 x cork screw

1 x scissors


Easy-opening hardtop roof tent (opens with assistance of gas shocks/lifts)

bedding (cushion, duvet, bed sheet)

potjie/cast iron tripod pot (no extra cost)

coffee maker: coffee plunger/bialetti moka express/thermos flask with coffee filter holder (no extra cost)

axe (no extra cost)

4x4 with pitched rooftop tent, table and two chairs on camp site

Get to know the difference between a standard roof tent or easy-opening hard top roof¬† tent, view how to open and close a roof tent etc….

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