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Welcome to Namibias oldest, family-run car rental company

Kalahari Car Hire was founded way back in 1994 by Hubert Hester and his wife Lola Hester. For decades now the Hesters have enabled thousands of cherished customers make their dreams of a self-drive journey through Namibia and Southern Africa come true.  With a lifetime of experience on gravel roads as well as off-road terrain they have helped overseas enthusiasts navigate safely through Namibia’s wilderness.

Kalahari Car Hire goes next generation

Huber and Lola Hester with new owners Anika, Ekkehard, Konrad and Ann-Kathrin Friedrich

Those who know Hubert and Lola will find it hard to believe, but they want to set the course in time for indulging themselves with more time for leisure. Since May 2022 Anika and Ekkehard Friedrich together with Ann-Kathrin and Konrad Friedrich are the proud new owners of Kalahari Car Hire cc. Anika virtually grew up in Lola and Hubert’s house, therefore Kalahari Car Hire shall effectively continue as a family enterprise. We thank Hubert and Lola for entrusting us with their beloved business – theirs will be a tough act to follow, however, we are intent on doing them proud.

Being passionate campers and enthusiastic offroaders ourselves we cherish these joys, can draw on substantial experience in our own right and look forward to facilitating such experiences for old and new customers alike in future.

Here’s to many more beautiful adventures and safe trips at all times!

Next to the local airport in Windhoek city

Find us at No. 50 Hyper Motor City complex, Maxwell street, Windhoek.

Kalahari Car Hire Team

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