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General information about border crossing

If you don’t just want to see Namibia, but also travel across the border to one of our beautiful neighbouring countries too, please have a look at the information on border crossing with Kalahari Car Hire cars below.

You are generally allowed to drive to South Africa and areas just beyond the border of Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls and Hwange Park), Zambia (Victoria Falls). Driving to Botswana is currently only possible on request on special occasions. See details further down.

Costs and permits

We do not charge extra for border crossing. However, please note that there are country-specific border and liability costs at the respective borders that have to be paid additionally by yourself. See cost estimates for each country below.

You do not need a specific permit from us to take our vehicles across the border. However, please make sure to mention to us that you intend to cross the border and to which countries. This way we can ensure that you have the necessary vehicle registration papers for your rental car, the permission to cross the border on your rental agreement is signed by us and country-specific paperwork (see for example police clearance necessary for Zambia) is applied for on time.


Unfortunately we do not allow any of our vehicles to travel into Angola at this stage. Thank you for your understanding.


Driving in and through Botswana is currently possible ON REQUEST ONLY. Should you wish to travel to Botswana, please enquire with us together with your tentative route plan.

It is very important to us that you and your fellow travelers have the best possible driving experience and a relaxing holiday.

Not all parts of Botswana are advisable for self-drives. Many roads in Botswana and particularly the routes in and around the national parks such as Chobe, Moremi or Okavango Delta, are in a challenging condition and require advanced offroad driving expertise. These roads are extremely sandy, blocked by fallen trees, muddy or submerged in water (to name a few scenarios). Additionally, these routes are often located in remote areas where not even satellite phones have reception. These conditions make driving there extremely strenuous, time-consuming, and sometimes even dangerous, and the cars are put under extreme strain. A standard equipped 4×4 doublecab with an average driver is not cut out for these demanding routes. Knowing that there are almost always vehicle damages or repair cases due to the demanding road conditions and average driving skills, coupled with the poor mobile network coverage, we cannot let you venture into these areas without proper briefing and understanding. We would like to spare you the hassle and disappointment of the very probable breakdowns, the associated financial expenditure and lost holiday days that come with these sandy and/or wet parts of Botswana.

For all those who would like to experience Botswana nevertheless, we recommend you stick to the main, registered roads. And treat yourself to a fly-in safari in order to enjoy the delta.  Alternatively, for those who want to stay on the ground and don’t mind the bumpy ride, we recommend going with an experienced tour guide. Experiencing Botswana’s national parks by air and/or with a tour guide in his 4×4 is definitely the best option.

Please note that we do not offer a reduced insurance excess to 0% if you intend to travel to Botswana.

South Africa

You are welcome to explore South Africa with our vehicles. Apart from it being a lovely country (almost as beautiful and diverse as Namibia ;)), the roads and cellphone reception are generally good and mechanics and spare parts are easier to come by should the need for them arise.


You are welcome to enter Zambia to just behind the border / up to the Victoria Falls. Further driving into Zambia is prohibited. Due to the special police requirements and the extremely high costs for spare parts and repairs, accidents or repairs in Zambia are simply unsustainable under current circumstances.

IMPORTANT: For the entry into Zambia you need a so-called “police clearance certificate” of the car. The cost is approximately N$ 400. Since this certificate is only valid for a short period of time, it has to be reissued for each renter. If you want to enter Zambia with our vehicle, please let us know at least 1 week before picking up your car, so that we can organize this certificate in time.


You are allowed to enter Zimbabwe until just behind the border / up to the Victoria Falls or Hwange park. Further driving into Zimbabwe is prohibited. Due to the special police requirements and the extremely high costs for spare parts and repairs, accidents or repairs in Zimbabwe are simply unsustainable under current circumstances.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to enter Zimbabwe with our vehicle, please let us know before picking up your vehicle, because the local police always want to see some extras (e.g. fire extinguisher and safety vests). Then we can prepare these accordingly.

Costs to be expected at border for Zimbabwe
Carbon tax U$ 15
Insurance U$ 30
Road access fee U$ 10
C.V.G U$ 50
Visa U$ 30 per person

NOTE: When crossing the border at the Kazongula border post (from Botswana to Zimbabwe) we recommend the support of TINADY Clearing and Forwarding Company. Contact Themba a few days BEFORE crossing the border by phone or mail so that he can prepare the necessary documents – this will speed up the border crossing from Botswana to Zimbabwe considerably.

Mr Thembalami Mkandabili
+263 777 814 257
+267 74770 254

Insurance outside of Namibia

Please note that your have the same insurance cover as in Namibia but with the following exceptions.

Recovery costs from neighboring countries / outside Namibia are NOT covered. Accordingly, the call-out fee for a mechanic or towing costs in a neighbouring country have to be paid by yourself. Even in the case of a damage covered by the insurance, the insurance will only cover the call-out fee or tow-in costs in Namibia (the renter has to pay for the costs from wherever his/her rental vehicle is in the neighbouring country up until the Namibian border).

The renter has no insurance cover and is driving at completely own risk when
– driving on unregistered roads
– driving in national parks such as Chobe, Moremi, Central Kalahari, Kgalagadi, Nxai Pan, Madgadikdagi, Khuts etc. as well as the areas surrounding these national parks.

Please see rental agreement for details.